Shoebill Stork_StaredownShoebill Stork_Staredown

Charles Gangas is a full time nature photographer residing with his wife Jerrine in Stowe Vermont, where he is a staff photographer for the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

As a commercial pilot, Chuck further honed his skills with myriad trips to Central and South America as well as numerous birding venues in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He spends several months each year traveling the world to capture avian images, and often mentors other photographers in sharpening their skills. Chuck currently leads photo tours and workshops for Trogon Photo Tours,

Chuck's images have been used by Solent News and Photo Agency, UK, and have been featured in such diverse publications and media sites as BirdWatchingDaily, Northern Woodlands, and the Stowe (VT) Guide and Magazine. The popular birdwatching application iBird uses Chuck's images in their North American and Mexico online guides. He is a NANPA 2019 Top-Twenty award winner and NANPA 2021 Top 100 award recipient, and  has a number of images of the week on and Editor’s Picks on

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